How Can We Help You?

We are the one-stop for your personal and business accounting & taxation services. At Mint Accounting we offer a range of fixed-fee service packages to suit every business from small sole traders through larger audited businesses. We also have a large personal taxation department and offer taxation only services

Personal Tax Returns

We provide tax return preparation services to individuals and businesses including US residents, non-residents, students, trusts, investment businesses, real estate LLCs, medical practitioners, consulting businesses. We also support varied business structures such as S-Corp, non-profit, etc.

At Mint Accounting, we provide the assistance in preparation and filing of tax returns for every type of entity whether it's an LLC,S-Crop, Corporation, Non-profit or any other structure.

Our services include:

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    US TAX Return

    Our in-house team takes care of all your taxation needs whether it be Federal Tax return for Individual (form 1040, 1040NR, 1040X etc.), Partnership Firm (form 1065) or Corporations (form 1120S, 1120) along with all schedules with Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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    State Tax Filing

    At Mint Accounting LLC, we have tax professionals who provide assistance in preparing and filing all state returns for Individuals and Business entities as and when required.
    Each state in US has its own laws and regulations. Our experts maintain proper updates and command over these state laws, so that we provide accuracy and proficiency in such complex filings and compliances.

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    Our integrated tax team assists in the preparation of Schedule K-1 for your Business Partners and Investors along with required footnotes indicating the descriptions about the K-1 numbers. We aid the client in the distribution of K-1s amongst the investors within a set time frame so that it will help them in filing their personal returns.

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    Cross Border Considerations.

    We assist in reporting compliances for the foreign assets and interest held or foreign income earned by any US person. We also work with a Non-US person, having US-sourced income or assets and interests in the US, with their compliances and filings with IRS. We are working in the following sectors to assist you:

    • Non-US Person

      Are you a Non-Resident US person? Did you earn any income from US source in the Tax Year? Heads up!!! You may be required to file a US Tax Return.

      Moreover, are you a sole owner of a US LLC? There are compulsory IRS filing requirements for such LLCs. We at Mint CPA can help in such flings (Form 1040NR, Form 5472 etc) and compliances for a Non-US person.

      You will be interested to know that there are different tax treaties between the US and other countries, the benefit of which is available to a Non-US Resident.

    • PFIC

      A passive foreign investment company (PFIC) is a specified foreign-based corporation.

      A U.S. person that is a direct or indirect shareholder of a PFIC must file Form 8621 for each tax year in certain cases.

      We help in preparing Information for Form 8621 and making sure that your PFIC statement is prepared correctly together with the related tax forms and filed with IRS in the most efficient timeframe.

    • FATCA

      Do you have foreign bank accounts or foreign financial assets? Worried about FATCA compliances? At Mint Accounting LLC, our tax professionals assist you in FATCA filing and compliances. We assist in the preparation and filing of Form 1042, Form 5471, Form 5472 and FinCEN required Form 114 (FBAR) etc. Our team also aids the client in foreign tax withholding requirements.

    • GILTI Tax

      GILTI stands for GLOBAL INTANGIBLE LOW-TAXED INCOME. With the evolution of US Taxation, there is a requirement to report certain undistributed foreign taxable income and the liability of GILTI tax. GILTI is reported in Form 8992. Form 8992 is attached to the taxpayer’s income tax return.
      Our team provides complete assistance in preparing information for Form 8992 and related compliances.

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    Other Compliances

    In addition to the above listed services, our team also provides other related services including:

    • All informational forms i.e. 1099-MISC, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT etc
    • Employment Returns (from 940/941)
    • Assistance in preparing a response to IRS Notices for our clients

Bookkeeping Services

We provide bookkeeping services using QuickBooks Online to our small business customers so that they can focus on their business while we take care of accounting and taxes. As part of these services, we also help our clients prepare and file their employment returns.

Outsourcing of accounting is the best solution for businesses that don’t have enough time nor the resources to do the job. Through outsourcing, businesses can stay focused on their core areas and leave the rest to us.